Fernie fanatic, Jim Button did the impossible today as he walked 10km, as part of his training for upcoming marathon, in his ski boots to purchase his family season ski pass. Jim has been known to do things differently, says Powder Matt, when asked by the local newspaper Calgary Herald why anyone would something so crazy. Jim has tried other stunts in Cow Town by trying to jump the Bow River on his mountain bike, skateboarding across the new Peace Bridge (unfortunately that did not work out so well for Jim as only part of the Bridge is complete…), and he tried is own version, Calgary style, of running with the Bulls by trying to outrun the wagons during a Chuck Wagon race at the Calgary Stampede (that month he showed up to work with cross hatch prints from wagon wheels on his face) to name a few of the recent antics that World Famous Wild Jim has done. Don't forget his failed attempt to jump one of the snow-cats at Island Lake Cat Skiing this past winter but that was outdone by his brother Flying Pat (Splat) Button….but that is a ski tale to be told some other day….Don't miss the Season Pass sale that ends today as we have froze the prices on a Fernie Alpine Resort season pass since 2008


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