How to get started Mountain Biking this summer

Take time this summer to roll slowly along a valley trail in the mountains. Why?

Goodness. Hey just 20 minutes each day outdoors provides incredible health and wellness benefits.

You can’t. Don’t listen to those who tell you can’t do something. Don’t let barriers stop you from learning a new sport.

Balance is good. Challenge your balance weekly for goodness.

flowy & fast downhill mountain biking fun at Fernie Alpine Resort

flowy & fast downhill mountain biking fun at Fernie Alpine Resort

You got this.

Sure there are lots of crazy videos out there showcasing another aspect of mountain biking. But the sport is so much more than that. It truly is a sport that all can do. Start out slowly and ride trails that fit your abilities and you will have tons of fun. Simply riding a bike is fun, and good for your health.

Get Good Gear

Check out the new Cannondale line available at Sporting Life as this is a great example of how amazing the bikes are today. They are so sweet for sure! First the suspension- it’s called a Lefty and it is inverted.  Now that is a work of art- so that when you come across rugged and bumpy terrain- the bike will absorb this and make the ride smooth and sweet for you. 

  • Try Bike before you Buy- see what fits best – arm reach, body position, how flexible you are matters here

That Old Helmet….chuck it!

They say to get a new helmet every couple of years or after one crash. So do this. Don’t skimp here. Make sure it fits properly. 

mountain bikers seek out thrills at Fernie ALpine Resort

mountain biking at Fernie Alpine Resort

Get a Grip

You don’t need to buy special shoes to do this. If you have some running, mountain trail running or trail shoes they will do the trick for sure. Just check them out on the pedal first to make sure they feel comfy and provide you with good grip.



Bring water and energy bars (try Pro Bars…so tasty!)  with you. You will want them and your body will need it!

Let’s hit the trail 




Stay alert for other trail users. Give way to hikers, horses and riders who are much faster than you. Focus on enjoying your ride at your pace and with respect for nature and other trail users.


Bring a friend

Always good to do new sports with those who have experience. As well this sport is Social and so much positive happens from sharing trail time. Safety is also better with others.


Choose wisely

Review your ride in advance. Check out apps like TrailForks so that you pick one that fits your riding ability. It is no fun getting over your head. But if you do just get off your bike and walk around the difficult area. It is best to get lots of riding at each level before you move up in trail difficulty to avoid injury.

Stay fit

Riding in the mountains is awesome but it takes way more out of you. The challenge of the hill climb, or twisty and turning downhill section is much more phsyically demanding than your normal bike ride in the city. Start out with 30 minutes to 1 hour rides to get your body and mind used to the experience and make sure to go slow at first.

Again mountain biking is for everyone! Explore the mountains and enjoy good times outside.

Where to Ride:


Calgary to get started-


Nosehill Park

Fish Creek Park

Mountain Time is where it is at:


Easy cruiser time-



Ribbon Creek Trail



Canmore Nordic Centre


Next steps:



has a bunch of easy to intermediate riding- great place to ride right from the door of where you stay


Kimberley Nature Park

Loise Creek Trail network



100’s of miles of trails here- Mountain bike capital of the Canadian Rockies


  • Easy starter- Town Loop – perfect for all
  • From there you can go to Ridgemont/Fernie Ridge
  • Mount Fernie Provincial Park




A step up from easy – try the Moonrakers Trail network

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