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All of the snow ways you can snow slide, from skiing and riding in resort to cross country skiing rock, but it’s Fall and your watching ski film candy, getting so pumped, jonsing for some backcountry powder turns. You’re not alone. Backcountry ski touring is one of the fastest growing segments of snow sports today.

Glamping it!  You are officially in ‘the wilderness’ for this stay at the new glamping tents of Mount Engadine Lodge in Kananaskis Country, Alberta. You’ll notice once you leave the cellular data behind that your stress hormone level, named cortisol, will plummet. This is truly a place to disconnect. Grab a glass of wine, kick

For many, the most powerful land animal in North America is a symbol of awe-inspiring freedom, power and wilderness. Grizzly bears have captured our imagination for centuries, making these treasured furry behemoths the top reason people flock to National Parks like Yellowstone National Park in the United States and Banff National Park in Canada for

Kicking Horse Glistens High Above Golden

                Don’t stare at the Kicking Horse trail map for too long. The diamond glare might hurt your eyes as in 39 black diamonds to go with 60, yes 6-0, double-black runs. It’s no surprise the very same topography that defines this mountain provides what most consider the

              Abby Cooper [words + photos] Sea-to-Sky is an accurate name for the road that connects BC’s Coastal Mountain Resorts. From the shores of the Pacific Ocean to the tippy top of the alpine, this regions dramatic landscape is unforgettable. All of those #pnwvibes you see on Instagram come

          Words + Photos by Abby Cooper   Have you ever wondered what your favourite winter paradise looks like in the summer? While the name “The Powder Highway” holds true during the colder months, it’s just as enticing come summer. The stunning roadway, now vibrant in color links summer destinations together

  Take a ski journey of a lifetime. Slashing the powder in this region is the stuff of dreams. British Columbia’s Powder Highway, has two of the biggest resorts in North America. Caution as real vertical envy can happen here. People are drawn to the Powder Highway North for big mountain skiing and riding experience

              Let’s get this party started! Skiers and riders get ready for higher times. Some days stick in your mind. This is always one of those days. A flurry of snowy images smashing through your social feeds like skis cutting new lines in fresh December powder. But hey wait.

                Picking not only the right ski resort for your upcoming vacation but also Holiday gifts for the skiers and snowboarders on your Christmas list can be stressful. Rather than spending all your time worrying about it, check out these tips on where to go for that snow-filled

5 tips on preparing for ski season

                New Ski Film launch parties and first snowfall in the mountains signals ski and snowboard season is coming soon! I’m very excited. Winter is here. Soon we will all be making laps. These 5 tips will help you get the most out of every turn this season.

Hiking Larch Valley , Banff National Park

Soon we will be hitting the slopes but while the kids head back to school, late summer is the best time to hit the trail in the Canadian Rockies. Experience the Canadian Rockies the way they’re meant to be- on foot.               Top 5 Fall don’t miss hikes in

6 spectacular hikes in the Canadian Rockies

Mountain Lakes Trail, Fernie, BC Make it a long day and enjoy jaw-dropping views all along the way—21 km one way—that ends with a cold beer (if you like) . This epic—one of my favourites—is full of surprises at every switchback. Expect hidden rock trolls, waterfalls, limestone caves and high alpine meadows. Polar Peak, Fernie Alpine

Big cedar forest offers wonderful mountain biking experience
Off season Ski Training – Take a Hike

The famed American poet, Walt Whitman, once said, “Now I see the secret of the making of the best persons. It is to grow in the open air, and to eat and sleep with the earth.” Why go Hiking? For me it’s one of the few activities where you can totally unplug, a cherished bit

powder skiing, Fernie, BC
How to take care of your ski and snowboard gear for the ‘off – season’

Be adventure ready anytime! Here are some tips for storing your ski and snowboard equipment, to ensure you’ll have peace of mind knowing your gear is good to go next winter.   Fernie, BC, renowned for its epic powder, celebrates the 80’s & 90’s like no other mountain town as the tunes belt out from

mountain biking british columbia
How to get started Mountain Biking this summer

Take time this summer to roll slowly along a valley trail in the mountains. Why? Goodness. Hey just 20 minutes each day outdoors provides incredible health and wellness benefits. You can’t. Don’t listen to those who tell you can’t do something. Don’t let barriers stop you from learning a new sport. Balance is good. Challenge

avy dog
Fernie has gone to the dogs

We are fortunate at Fernie Alpine Resort to have a very talented and skilled professional Ski Patrol. In addition to this crew is the incredible team and amazingly talented crew of avalanche rescue dogs! Meet the dog team. For more on the Fernie Ski Patrol check out the documentary Triggered. Neko (ski patrol assistant –

crazy big storm hits Fernie, BC
A case of the Big Monday’s at Fernie Alpine Resort

Everyone is saying it. We’ll if you know Fernie you are. They are saying ‘Thank you Griz!’. Why? Because one of those epic storms just rolled in over the weekend. A powerful cold front meets a powderful front of precipitation. They collided and you guessed it….It puked snow! Here are some of the eye candy

It is snowing here. We love snow here. In fact the famed Powder Highway of British Columbia is known for snow. Lots of it. Up to 50 feet in some places. But it is more than that. Cool mountain towns dot this road, filled with passionate people you will enjoy spending time with. So combined

Running clinic

  http://globalnews.ca/video/2972118/5-fall-hikes-in-and-around-the-canadian-rockies/ Thanks to Global TV Calgary for giving the opportunity to share the outdoors! Today’s segment is on Top 5 places to go for a great Fall hike in and around the Canadian Rockies. Key for me is the importance for adults of Play! No better place than to Play outside than having the

Who does not like killer tunes, inspiration from a motivator and doing something that is good for you! Hit YYC Cycle to get in on the fun and catch the energy! A couple of months away from the snow flying and the ski lifts spinning makes this a perfect time to start your cross training program.

La Nina is baaaaack! Well if the stormy summer at hand is any indication of what we can expect for our winter along the Powder Highway /British Columbia side of the Canadian Rockies, then get those big sticks ready as the pow season could be intense! El Nino was good to us last winter but