The Golden Ultra features three stages: The Blood, The Sweat and The Tears.  Runners may participate solo in the stage race, as a relay team of three, or may register for any single stage individually.


Day 1 – The Blood

Run uphill until you are sure you’re sweating blood.  The first day of the 3-day Golden Ultra involves a 5 km uphill challenge.  This one is going to hurt.

1000 m elevation gain.  0 m loss.

0 km pavement, 5 km of dirt.


Day 2 – The Sweat

You’re going to sweat.  “Enjoy” one big and beautiful 55 km loop with fantastic mountain views.  Running from the Town of Golden to the summit of Kicking Horse Mountain Resort… and back again…

2500 m elevation gain… and loss.

50 km of singletrack, 5 km of “getting there” road.


Day 3 – The Tears


Tears of happiness or tears of pain?  This last 20 km of “flat,” “flowy,” and “fun” single track may be the best of times… or it may be the worst.

375 m elevation gain.

4 km of natural surface town trail, 16 km of single track.